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Looking To Sell: Livestock
Pullets - Laying Hens
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Red Sex-link and Leghorn Pullets hatched first week in March, 2019. Approximately five months for these birds to start laying.

We receive all of our poultry from NPIF certified hatcheries and maintain clean living conditions. When the birds are old enough, they are free range in pasture during the day and only caged at night to protect them from predictors.

$15.00 each. 10% discount on orders of 5 or more through May, 2019.

Tag: chicken, hatchery, egg, poultry, flock, hen, female, layer, bird.

General Details:

Sold by:L&L Farms & Crafts, L.L.C.
Email:Contact Us
Location:Warrenton, Virginia

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Listing expires:08/02/2019
Listing posted:05/04/2019

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Start date:05/03/2019
End date:05/29/2020

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