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Looking To Sell: Grains
Wet Feeds for Livestock, Poultry Swine and More - Local Distillers and Brewers Grain
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Attention local farmers and Barnyard Hobbyists, wet grains are a healthy supplement to include in your animals diet and using them will drastically cut your feed costs. Our distiller's grain comes from Northern Virginia distilleries that craft for consumption, not ethanol and the grain is grown in Virginia. Our brewer's grain comes from Northern Virginia specialty beer crafters. At times the brewer's grain may have nutritional additives such as pumpkins, potatoes, or other local grown ingredients. All grain is received on a weekly basis. You bring your own container. We recommend a sealed container in order to extend the shelf life. Containers are available for sale but limited. We operate by appointment only. We typically receive our grain on Thursdays or Fridays each week, so pickups on Saturdays will ensure you get the freshest grain available. We can arrange weekday and Sunday appointments if necessary but this is not preferred.


One to two 5-gallon buckets - $5.00 each

15-gallon bucket (or three 5-gallon buckets) - $12.00

25-gallon bucket (or five 5-gallon buckets) - $15.00

55-gallon drum - $25.00 each

Bulk grain available. Please contact us for price and availability

Brought to you by Amber Ridge Homestead and L&L Farms & Crafts, L.L.C. Veteran Owned and Operated.

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Sold by:L&L Farms & Crafts, L.L.C.
Email:Contact Us
Location:Warrenton, Virginia

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Listing expires:06/30/2019
Listing posted:04/01/2019

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Start date:04/01/2019
End date:04/01/2020

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