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AGMRC for Value Added Agriculture

The Ag Marketing Resource Center at Iowa State is a rich library of information to help you understand and analyze the food industry in terms of value-added markets and industries.

The food industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and impacts all of United States' agriculture. For more information on specific topics within the food industry, click here.

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Business Spotlight

Hellimae's Salt Caramels

Everything we make tastes like your childhood, even if you've never had it before. Seriously: that's the goal we set for ourselves, to make the best version of whatever we do. All our caramels are rich, fresh and creamy, with some robust bitterness from deeply caramelized sugar. Nostalgia amped up with great ingredients and modern techniques.

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MarketMaker has enjoyed an extensive network of partners and collaborators over the years that includes universities, governmental agencies and agricultural organizations. Grass roots engagement has been key to our successes. If you would like to bring Food MarketMaker and its suite of tools and services to your group, locality or state please consider becoming a partner. We are a scalable platform that can serve the local community or a national network of stakeholders.

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MarketMaker was the most successful tool that gave me access to wholesale markets. A Farm-to-Fork grocery store in the next state was able to find my okra operation from a post (Buy-Sell Forum) in minutes.

—Thomas Leonard, Modern Harvest Farms, Woodruff, SC


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